Monday, June 3, 2019

How to find a House for Rent in Mora, MN

With the rental market so tight, and good rentals becoming harder and harder to find, renters are needing to look hard for their next place to live.   Here are 5 great ways to find your next rental property.

#1, look in the newspaper under the classifieds section.    Yes, there still are newspapers and they still have classified ads.  There are some real gems in the newspaper, and you can still find rentals in the paper.  If you need help, ask a retiree to show you where to look.   

#2, look on and .   These are the digital classified ads of the future, and most landlords list their homes for rent on these two venues. 

#3, look on and and   Some property management companies and realtors utilize these sites to book places for rent.   They have good traffic and oftentimes you can find what you're looking for on these sites.

#4, Go right to the source and contact a property management company.  Don't know any of them?   Talk to realtors, b/c in most states you need to be licensed to run a property management company.  Connected realtors know who the property management companies are in town, and if your agent doesn't know, don't give up.  Swing a dead cat and find another realtor and ask them.    Most larger investment companies who are doing rentals don't management them themselves, they hire an agent to take care of the hassle. 

#5, Last but not least, contact an investment company like mine,  Lakes Area Home Investments, who has rentals.    Our company has managed 1000s of properties over the past 21 years and will probably have some in the future as well.

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