Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Trump Wins White House

He's a deal maker.  And he makes very admirable deals.

Yes, that's right Donald Trump knows how to meet an objective, by making deals.  In fact, I think he has made a deal with Mexico to build the wall.  However, it's not going to be a wall between the US and Mexico.  Nope.  What would make more sense is that Donald has already negotiated a deal to buy Mexico.   The wall he'll negotiate getting built will be between Mexico, (which will now be called "Old Mexico"), and Guatemala and Belize.  A much shorter distance, and then that will solve the immigration problem and give us more natural resources to boost our economy.

How will he get the money?   From China of course. He'll discount the debt on our country or maybe just sell more debt.  It's an easy path to boosting the economy and creating a larger free robust economy.  

This will solve several topics: immigration, minimum wage, manufacturing, trade, national debt.

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