Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Inner Game Challenge You'll Never Move Past

“Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”
― Anthony Robbins

The constant and anxious thought of what's lurking around the corner keeps me up at night.   What could happen?  What might happen?   I don't know all the answers.   How can I proceed without knowing everything?    Eventually, thoughts such as these, if left to persist, will rob me of my dreams.    

What is fear?  And why is it so powerful?  

Let's break this down - quickly.   Fear is factory installed.  It comes from the inner most complex regions of your brain, but is designed to protect you.   As hunter-gatherers, we were always scanning for food and also scanning for danger.   We're looking for opportunity, but also at the same time, watching to make sure we don't get eaten.  So fear, is an early warning mechanism.   EARLY WARNING to alert you that you may get hurt - and more information may be needed.  

So what's the problem?   If fear is designed to protect you and designed to keep you from harm... what's the issue?    The problem is when hesitation turns into procrastination.    Procrastination is a dream killer.  The more you procrastinate on your goals and actions towards those goals, the further you get from achievement.    Think back through your life, how much has procrastination cost you?  How much time have you wasted in the procrastination mode?   How much money has this cost?  For most, it's well over 6-figures.  

So how do we overcome this model of procrastination from fear?    

Ultimately, you must understand that you can never get rid of fear.  You've always had the ability to create that emotion, and you always will have that ability.  It's factory installed.  It's designed to protect us and alert us when we need more information or more knowledge.   So, in that spirit, understand that and accept it.  Celebrate it.  Thank your subconscious for alerting you.    Then, (important next step), take action inspite of fear.   As you take those action steps, feeling fearful will subside, decrease and go away.   If it's more knowledge that you need, seek it.  However, do not allow that to be a crutch where you get into analysis paralysis.    You must take bold and decisive steps.   They can even begin as small steps toward your goal.  However, ACTION IS KEY.   

Next, be persistent.   Treat the experience as an opportunity to learn.    Are you afraid of failure?   We learn best by mistakes.   If you want to learn at a faster pace, we must make mistakes at a faster pace.  Those who are unwilling to fail, will never succeed.     There's an old credo that I subscribe to and has helped me through many challenging periods, and reminded me that I need to press on when fear seems like it's overshadowing my vision.... 
My Success is not measured from the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed.  And, the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I fail.  I will not treat failure as failure unless I choose to give up, for success is not given to me. I will succeed because I choose not to give up.  

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