Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Socialism Winning?

This is a scary real-life story that happend to me just last week.  I'm compelled to share it.  I'm not sure if our republic will continue to stand firm.   

This sad story is unfortunately true.....  

While trying to fill a vacancy this month, I received a call from "Tanisha".   Her first question was "do you take Section-8?" 

"Of course", I said, since I can't legally base a decision upon that fact alone.  

"What are your qualifications for renting then?", she inquired.  

"We like to see 3x income, so if the rent is $1000, then I'd like to see $3000 in income.  We'll take your section 8 voucher into account, for instance if it's $1000 section 8 voucher,  we need to see another $2000 in income," I explained.  

"Well, I don't have a job", she admitted.

"Oh?", I questioned.

"...and haven't had one for 7 years", she said.

"Hmmm, interesting.  How do you pay your bills?" I asked. 

"Well, section 8 pays my rent, and oftentimes there's money left over to pay my utilities.  If not, I'll ask that the landlord increase the rent to cover the utilities and then section 8 will pay for the entire rent.  In addition, I get food stamps to pay for groceries".   she explained.  

"Oh, OK.  Hmmmm, well, how do you pay for a phone?", I asked, almost wincing at the answer. 

"I have an Obama phone and it's paid for", she said. 

"OK, how about gas in your car?  or anything else outside of groceries that food stamps don't cover?", I inquired.

"Well, I'll sell my food stamps, and raise money that way", she proudly proclaimed   

"Really?  What do you get for them usually?", I asked.

"Well, for $100 food voucher, I usually get about $50.   In addition, some members of my family will claim my kids on their taxes, and get a child tax credit, and pay me for that," she said. 

"OK", I said.  "Just out of curiosity, do you like the process?  Do you like your life?  Are things going well for you?  Do you feel like you have everything you need, or do you feel like you're barely making it and it's difficult to make ends meet?"

"I like it," she concluded.  "My kids and I eat pretty well and have just about everything we need."

We got off the phone and I thought to myself that this woman has no incentive to go get a job, go out and contribute to society.  She's certainly not paying taxes because she's not earning anything.  All she has become is a drain on society and she likes it.  She feels as though "as long as someone else is paying for me to live, why should I do anything differently?"

Is Tanisha in the majority?  No?  What happens if Tanisha and people that think like her become the majority?   Will the United States continue to flourish?  Or will it die?   I'm very concerned that the 47% grows to over 50%, because at that point our republic will become the People's Republic of Welfare.   Is it different in other states?   Most of the programs are state run.  I'm sending this to the governor.  

One Nation Under All.

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